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Indoor courts

Omnisports Hall

Rent one of the fields of the Omnisports Hall throughout the year.

Omnisports Hall

Occasional rental
Volleyball 25,00€/h
Basketball 25,00€/h
Indoor soccer, hockey, handball, etc. 70,00€/h
Seasonal Contract Tarif commune Hors commune
Volleyball 17,00€/h 22,00€/h
Basketball 17,00€/h 22,00€/h
Indoor soccer, hockey, handball, etc. 65,00€/h 50,00€/h

Rental of 50 minutes in case of assembly/disassembly of the plots.

* 7 days in advance

The other rooms of Sportcity

Occasional rental
Gymnasium 11,00€/h
Multi-sports hall 20,00€/h
Multi-purpose room 20,00€/h
Hall of Martial Arts 20,00€/h
Seasonal Contract -Municipality Out of the municipality
Gymnasium 8,00€/h 10,00€/h
Multi-sports hall 15,00€/h 18,00€/h
Multi-purpose room 15,00€/h 18,00€/h
Hall of Martial Arts 15,00€/h 18,00€/h

* 7 days in advance

Sports Halls Regulations

Consult the internal regulations concerning the use of Sportcity’s sports halls.

Read the regulations

Outdoor courts

Occasional rental per hour











* 7 days in advance

Seasonal contract

Renting by contract allows you to reserve a space (fixed day and time) for the whole season (01/09 to 31/08).

To establish a seasonal contract, the holder must complete a contract application and send a copy of his identity card. Rental contracts are established at the planning department for a full season or minimum 3 months. Bookings by contract are payable upon receipt of invoices, by transfer to the following account:

Wolu-Sport ASBL
Avenue Salomé, 2 - 1150 Bruxelles

Payment is made by invoice and is due upon receipt of the invoice. Invoicing is made out in two parts for the attention of the contract holder:

The first invoice includes rentals up to the end of December.
The second invoice, issued in January, includes rentals from January to June (or August).
Additions/cancellations are invoiced at the end of each month. Changes to bookings should remain exceptional. Non-booked dates (e.g. school holidays) are not charged.

Rates for annual rentals

Annual card
Athletic track 55,00€
Basketball 10,50€/h
Volleyball 10,50€/h
Athletic track 2,5€/h/lane
Outside the municipality
Basketball 12,00€/h
Volleyball 12,00€/h
Athletic track 3,00€/h/lane

Book your field or track on a fixed basis.

So you won’t have to think about it for the whole season!

Outdoor areas Regulations

Please refer to the internal regulations for the use of Sportcity’s outdoor areas.

Read the regulations